​The BRIC Intelligent Coating System (ICS) makes it possible to automate coating processes that were not historically feasible. Removing people from the paint booth is necessary in order to eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals. Automation reduces paint usage — usually by 30%, thereby improving the overall environmental impact, not to mention cost savings in reduced paint usage. ​

Automated Inspection and Assembly

BRIC Engineered Systems provides turn-key automated work cells for automated assembly, automated processing and automated product handling systems. From fully integrated flexible robotic work cells for applications involving small or large parts with high precision and high speed, to stand alone turn-key work centers, BRIC robotic work cells are multi-functional, flexible and reliable. BRIC work cells are designed with the latest in engineering technology, software and hardware components. Applying innovation with unique, state-of-the-art techniques makes BRIC a world leader in the field. BRIC work cells include extensive warranties and after-sales support.

Gantry and Monorail Systems

Our gantry and monorail systems for material handling are designed with reliability, speed and accuracy in mind. BRIC gantries and monorails are fabricated in North America, each designed with industrial grade quality COTS and customized parts for optimized best value. With payload capacity ranging from thousands of kilograms to only grams, and linear reach of 100s of meters, each design is based on the speed, precision and size required by your unique application.


"High mix, low volume is no longer a barrier to paint automation."


Coating Removal Technology

Fully automated with BRIC robotic technology, software intelligence and integration know-how, BRIC Robotic Coating Removal System (RCRS) can fit into many facilities at various budget levels. Removal of coatings and surface preparation for a range of substrates including coatings such as paint, primer, RAM and other advanced coatings can be done safely, reliably, and quickly. The productivity of each system is a function of the number of robots; more robots means faster effective strip rates, thus reduced flow days. As the systems are fully automated, it requires only one operator to monitor the process. Each system is customized to suit the end-user, with service options for warranty, routine or emergency service and preventive maintenance inspections.

No Coats Technologies — a division of BRIC – offers equipment for coating removal using a non-intrusive, non-kinetic method through an environmentally friendly process that requires no surface preparation or post-process activities. In many applications, the surface can be immediately recoated, resulting in substantial savings in time, manual labor and in the elimination of hazardous waste handling.

Our family of products makes converting all your coating removal and surface treatment applications to a lower cost, green process possible. Visit no-coats.com for an overview of services, as well as a detailed preview of its environmentally friendly coating removal solutions.

​Automated Coating Systems

Fully automated paint processes provide better quality, reduced paint usage, increased capacity and an improved worker environment. And now, with the BRIC ICS, any paint facility can be automated regardless of the parts being painted, thus eliminating any reasons to not move forward with automated coating equipment. BRIC provides a full turn-key approach, with on-site training and extensive after sales support. No reasons left to not automate and improve your bottom line.