Example 2. 

Marine Ship-Building Production Tooling
BRIC's solutions include numerous successfully completed designs and implementation of tooling and fixturing systems for the ship building industry. Using modular, reconfigurable COTS parts, combined with custom parts, cost-effective yet flexible systems enablesinstant adaptation to changes in the build sequence during the production ramp up stage and through product revisions.   

Example 3.

Munition Robotic Handling System

BRIC solutions include numerous successfully completed munitions handling systems. The BRIC Munitions Handling Robot provides payload capacity of over 5,000 lbs., from 1 up to 64 servo axes of combined linear and rotary motion. Linear axes have selectable lengths including possible long runs of over 50 meters. Rotary axis can provide up to 360 degrees of motion. Servo driven means there is no compromise to speed, accuracy, or safety. 

The BRIC design provides guiding, transporting or positioning payloads over long travel distances with high rigidity and accuracy. Our approach provides flexibility and safety in automation handling of all munitions types and sizes.

The system includes automated tool change, programmable pick and place locations, storage and retrieval, and is customizable to fit into existing facility or space, including onboard ship applications, munition testing systems, vehicle loading and much more.

"Twenty years in our business is a long time."

Portfolio Projects

BRIC’s capabilities and past experience include the following:

  • the ability to design, build and install large scale automation solutions for a wide range of industries
  • extensive in-house engineering expertise that includes mechanical and electrical design, programming, kinematics analysis, dynamic and static load analysis, and control system design.
  • the ability to design, build and install solutions designed for application-specific tasks.

Large Projects

Example 1.

Aircraft Stripping and Painting Applications
BRIC has successfully completed a series of contracts with the U.S. Government to implement robotic solutions for coating and coating removal. These successful projects have resulted in substantial savings, improved quality, reduced labor, and healthier working conditions for military depots conducting aircraft stripping and painting operations. Our solutions have been in use for over five years at USAF facilities, including full and partial aircraft stripping and painting for a range of aircrafts such as the KC135, C130, fighter jets, and numerous other aircraft and aerospace components.