Modular design means maximizing the use of each fixture tool. With fastening holes every 50 mm apart, the combination of tools gives the operator down to 1 mm incremental changes in positioning, without the use of a measurement device.

The modular and precise BRIC 3D clamping system is ideal for aircraft construction applications, ship building, nuclear, civil construction and many others. The highest precision can be achieved easily and cost-effectively with even the largest dimensions. Custom platforms and a grate flooring provide safe access to all areas during the build sequence. Safety and ergonomics are design drivers in the final solution, providing your workers with the most effective production environment.

The BRIC module large scale fixture system is based on Demmeler base rails for big projects. The modular structure of the base rail system offers the greatest possible freedom for the production of larger than normal components. A grid system of any size adapted to your product portfolio can be designed to suit the largest to the smallest components. 

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"Our modular and reconfigurable tooling and

Mechanical Systems

Large and Small, Fixtures for Welding and Assembly

In manufacturing, the quality of the final product may often come down to how the pieces are fixtured prior to processing, whether for welding, grinding, machining, coating or assembly. Repeatability, precise and accurate location and consistency are all factors that affect the final outcome. These factors become even more crucial in automated processes. 

Introducing BRIC fixture solutions — modular, scalable, accurate.

BRIC combines a flexible, modular fixture tooling set with large welded structures to offer a complete line of cost-effective fixtures for welding or assembling large items. Ideal for marine, aerospace, nuclear and other manufacturing industries, the scalable design and flexibility allows for multiple use through easy reconfiguration.

The versatility of our globally recognised design opens the way to a wide range of applications and uses. These include steel construction, sheet metal processing, robot technology, assembly and measuring equipment, laser welding, laser cutting, prototype construction and body construction, and many others. By combining Demmeler tooling and BRIC designed modules, our fixturing solution is applicable for both small local shops and major corporations.

fixture designs provide the best value."