Human Factor Engineering

Using our unique Human Factors Engineering approach means our Operator interface and controls are intuitive, efficient and easy to understand, resulting in fewer Operator errors and reduced training requirements. 

We focus on developing intuitive operator interfaces. This means incorporating Intuitive technology within the design by taking human factors into account. Such factors include: 

  • Human psychology
  • Human computer interaction
  • Usability
  • Less error prone

The benefits to this approach are many and include:

  • Less training requirements
  • Fewer mistakes
  • More efficient workers
  • Improved work environment
  • Happy workers

Engineering Services Offered

​Mechanical Design

  • Tooling and Fixtures
  • 3D Modeling and Simulation
  • FEA Analysis
  • Robotic Workcells and Semi-Automated Systems

Electrical Design

  • Control Systems for Processes
  • Motion Control based Servo, Stepper and VFD Equipment,
  • PLC and DCS Systems
  • Robotic Work cells and Semi-automated Systems

Software Development and Programming

  • PLCs and Honeywell DCS,
  • SCADA software and HMIs
  • Industrial Networking
  • Robot programming

Automation Solutions

  • Coating and Coating Removal Processes
  • Surface and Feature Inspection

Engineering Services

At BRIC Engineered Systems, we are proud of our expertise and ability to offer extensive and comprehensive engineering capabilities. The result has been satisfied and repeat customers. Our customer base is comprised of global industry leaders who are leading edge in their technology and uncompromising in their expectations for quality solutions to their engineering and automation needs. With our engineered systems group, we offer full equipment design including servo-based machinery and robotic workstations. Our team of field engineers can assist with start-up, trouble-shooting, personnel training, and commissioning of plant equipment including sophisticated automated lines. The key to lean manufacturing lies in the material and process flow.

With extensive broad based industry knowledge, we offer innovative design solutions and provide strategic advice on factory floor space usage, product flow, material handling methods, automation opportunities and overall productivity improvements.

The Importance of Reliability

Reliability is a product design attribute that requires addressing during the design phase, and not simply ignored. At BRIC, we make reliability engineering a fundamental part of our design process. The results for our customers is simple: more up-time, more production, more profit. Every design has reliability characteristics that can be analyzed, tested and predicted to some extent by contributing to the selection of the system architecture, materials, processes, and components.

The Importance of Green

In today’s world, environmentally benign manufacturing is one of North America’s greatest challenges, from an engineering and marketing perspective. Engineering green products and green production techniques requires a new perspective, a new direction and a strong commitment. These tools give a competitive edge, an advantage that has become a necessity. By partnering with BRIC, you are choosing a recognized leader in innovative green design technology. Green design and green manufacturing has become an integral part of our business. Playing an active role in environmental initiatives means BRIC is well positioned to support our customers in achieving the same goals in green product design and green manufacturing processes. 

“The result for our customers is simple: more up-time, more production, more profit.”