A 5,000 lb. payload, travelling at 10 feet per second; an automated material handling operation spanning over 300 ft. Few automation companies have the precision know-how and over 25 years experience that BRIC has for solving this kind of large-scale industrial challenge. Leading multinational manufacturers and governments turn to BRIC to develop their high-precision, heavy load and long reach automation solutions. Call us early in your development cycle and discover what our innovative engineering, proven technology platforms, and process knowledge can do to boost your productivity and quality.

BRIC provides turn-key work cells for automated assembly, automated processing and automated product handling systems. From fully integrated flexible robotic work cells for applications involving small or large parts with high precision and high speed, to stand alone turn-key work centers, BRIC robotic work cells are multi-functional, flexible and reliable. BRIC work cells are designed with the latest in engineering technology, software and hardware components. Applying innovation with state-of-the-art, and unique techniques makes BRIC a world leader in the field.


We use our wits, not our wallets.”

From high speed to high precision, our team has the knowledge and skill to design and build innovative, robust, complex control systems. With practice in a wide range of industries, familiarity with various hardware configurations, and strong software aptitude, we can help you enhance quality, reduce cost and improve production. As the basis of our business for over 25 years, we have built and retrofitted hundreds of control systems for machinery, processes, and automated production lines.

We have successfully worked on servo systems, high speed and high precision machines, mission critical systems, high speed packaging machines, master/slave multi axes systems, CNC machinery, robotic systems and more.

BRIC Benefits and Features to BRIC Services Offered:

  • Design build automation systems.
  • Robotic Coating and Coating Removal Systems
  • Servo based machine design/build.
  • High speed pick and place, orient, sort, inspect workcells.
  • Automated machinery including: assembly, cut to length, drilling, inspection and processing.
  • Robotic workcells.
  • Automated material handling.
  • Gantry systems & monorails.

“Strong engineering capabilities.