Our Client Focus

We take pride in building long-term relationships that are focused on providing professional service, engineering excellence, value design and quality. We work with our clients as partners, some whom we have serviced for over 20 years.

Our client list includes a broad range of small manufacturers to large multinational corporations; as well as public sector institutions across the country and around the world. Our extensive base of reliable, quality suppliers enhances our ability to offer innovative, effective solutions. View our client list

Your Success

With a highly effective in-house Quality System, and a proven Project Management methodology, BRIC engineers strive to achieve cost-effective solutions to help your business succeed.

As a proud supplier to global manufacturers and to the defense industry, BRIC understands the enormous pressure felt by our clients to perform and succeed. We understand that in order to achieve your goals, lean manufacturing is key; and that strong consistent productivity with cost-effective means is essential.

Sound engineering designs, streamlined manufacturing processes, and automation are all key elements to successfully increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving safety, going green and having reliable output. Our design engineering experience and manufacturing makes BRIC the perfect partner for clients looking to improve their overall performance. 

About Our Company

BRIC Engineered Systems (BRIC) has a history of over 20 years in providing design engineering services and project management solutions across many industries worldwide, including:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • defense
  • chemical processing
  • plastics
  • consumer products
  • mining, gas and oil
  • general manufacturing

Our Commitment

In our commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients based on quality service, respect and professional integrity, it is our mission to:

  • Conduct business with honesty and respect for local laws and human rights as set out in our Code of Conduct.

  • Develop new innovative services that benefit our customers, our society and the environment.
  • Promote continuous learning in the fields of science, engineering and the environment.
  • Create a diversified and inclusive working environment for our employees based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Build long-term relationships with suppliers, ensuring those partners meet with standards and conduct of our level.​
  • Ensuring our partners meet our high standards of excellence and professional conduct.

As a supplier with a proven track record, an ISO 9001:2000 based Quality System and with over 20 years in the business, BRIC is in the best position to offer top quality engineering designs and services at competitive rates.

"Our design engineering and manufacturing experience makes BRIC the perfect partner.”